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Event Strategy


Events Liverpool the brand of the  Queens Event Strategy ,the major events blueprint for Queens,  exists to assist in the attraction and facilitation of events for Queens. Event acquisition, planning, financing, marketing, execution and wrap-up can be complicated and at times challenging. We will help you along the way.

Our Vision: Liverpool is recognized as a prime hosting destination in Nova Scotia. 

Our Mission: To provide exceptional social experiences to local residents and unique visitors that drive economic benefits locally through the provision of opportunities for sport, culture, arts, community development and volunteer experiences supported with required infrastructure and venue capacity

Our Values: We will provide exceptional service and experiences, be focused on exceptional standards for venue delivery and be stakeholder driven through continuous improvement reliant on stakeholder feedback.

2018 Canadian Axe Throwing Championship Waterfront
Youth pic enjoying Team Canada Women at Queens Place 2019
Announcing Team Hungary World Hockey Championship Camp for Liverpool


Region of Queens Municipality Operational Policy 11 : Community Investment Fund.

​The purpose of the policy is to make investments throughout all of Queens that are inclusive and sustainable, unique to the needs of each community, in part contributing to new or improvements to existing infrastructure and assisting in event funding, event acquisition and growth. 

Organizations are eligible for the Event Investment Fund under these 4 categories:

1- Up to 10% funding of eligible expenses for provincial, national or international events where the budget exceeds $300,000.

2- Up to 10% funding of eligible expenses for events where the budget is between $150,000 and $299,999.

3- Up to 12.5% funding of eligible expenses where the budget is between $20,000 and $149,999.

4- Up to 20% funding of eligible expenses for events where the budget is up to $19,999.

*Please refer to the application process contained in the Policy document.

Tip: We will work with Queens County based organizers to incubate new growth events as well assist in helping facilitate bid advice on established major events with provincial sport organizations /national sport organizations.


The success of the strategy , the path to the desired outcomes as summarized by the mission statement must be front of mind as you embark on your event journey. 

Key Pillars and Actions of the strategy:

1- Event Funding and Development

2- Event Friendly Environment

3- Event Education & Capacity

4- Event Marketing & Branding

5- Measurement

6- Event Legacy

Coming soon tools and resources specific to Queens to assist  event organizers.  

Tip: We recommend documentation and planning resources be accessed from the Events Nova Scotia web platform at present. 

See the link referring to a number of excellent event organizations for resources.


EI Summary 2019 World Junior Curling

EI Report 2019 World Junior Curling

EI Report 2014 Canadian Junior Curling


You've won the bid, acquired the event, secured partners and have a workable budget.


You are near ready to go! Your creative & design components will be critical. The picture you are about to paint will be key to selling sponsorship  & attracting your audience. 


We have a number of local contacts and organizations with experience that we can provide for you to consider based on their expertise in putting event marketing & promotion plans together, design to activation.


Your full marketing & messaging should include a combination of  social media platforms, websites, newspaper hardcopy and online material, targeted radio, TV and Interview coverage and local media as well any event right holder promotional means.

Tip:  When you are ready to kick off your event with a special  campaign  or announcement that's something we can help with too!

Interested in talking about your special events? Your ideas? Let's Talk.​
floor .JPG
ev ready.JPG
TESTIMONIALS: Queens Place Emera Centre Arena 

"Acoustics in the arena are great! Not many facilities have put a lot of thought in the acoustics, here they are great! We knew within five minutes we were not going to have any issues."

Drew Zibin, Sound Engineer & Tour Manager - The Washboard Union - June 15,2018 

"Queens Place Emera Centre located in Liverpool Nova Scotia is one of the best sounding arenas for a concert I have ever been in over the past 35 years. The staff without a doubt work very hard to assure the event runs without a hitch. The end result is a very pleasant experience for the show and the audience. Last but not least, this past weekend Charley Pride took to the stage and as a result of what was mentioned above, the audience received a terrific show and one that the people of Liverpool and surrounding area will never forget."

Brian Edwards, President Rocklands Entertainment ,Charley Pride in Concert Saturday May 31, 2014

Alan Jackson Experience

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